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The Power of Optimism


"The essence of optimism is not only to look beyond the present situation, but it is a vital force, the strenght to hope when others give up, the strength to hold your head high when everything seems to fail, the strength to tolerate failures, a power that never leaves the future in the hands of opponents, but instead claims the future by itself "
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We do not have many alternatives if we want to live an intense, full and satisfying life, except to try with all our selves to be "optimistic."
The reasons why it is worth having a positive attitude are varied, for example one as an opportunity, another as an human characteristic and also to attract others. In order to develop our abilities in the best way and to have success, we must seize the favorable opportunities that arise in life and it's really difficult to pick them up when we are pessimistic, if the vision of life is gloomy, dark, discouraged, worried .....
Being optimistic means that we can best develop the skills of our brain, skills without limits that are stimulated when we have a positive and hopeful outlook on life.
A "sunny" person manages to attract others like a magnet, sees life always full of colors and is convinced of having great control over her own future, is driven by a fervent desire to succeed given by passion, banishing the lament from his own life.
Ultimately our brain can have only two alternatives, to be optimistic or to be pessimistic, and since there is nothing to be gained in being pessimistic, be optimistic!

With confidence,

"Choose to be positive. You have the chance to choose it, you're the master of your actions. Choose to be positive and constructive. Optimism is the common thread for success "
Bruce Lee