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PPP in food. Alarmism or real danger?

Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on the defendants podium!

One of the reasons that leads to the choice of organic food is certainly the fear of ingesting chemicals. These substances arrive in food through atmospheric and industrial pollution or through the cultivation of vegetables and fodder dedicated to human and animal food.

For the first time, the National Health, Food, Environment and Labor Safety Agency in France has announced a study on pesticide residues that can be found in the air, and then breathe. The goal is right to know more precisely the exposure of the population, not only through water and food. This is the only research of this kind in Europe.

The good news is that, from a research conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Italy is the European benchmark for the lower presence of pesticide in food, a positive sign given by the increase in the organic spread.

The analysis reports that only 1.9% of the samples analyzed had a pesticides level exceeding the limits permitted by law, while in as many as 65% of the analyzed foods there were no detectable traces of any substance. We are below the European average where 4% of the entire analyzed foods had a level of pesticides exceeding the limits.

A unique panorama is that of organic farming in Europe where the southern countries are the main producers and the northern countries the main consumers: Italy, France, Spain and Germany alone produce more than half of the total amount of organic food in Europe, about 53%; however, among the main consumers there are Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

Specifically, our country has an organic area of 1.5 million hectares, which translates into the excellent result obtained with food analysis. In conclusion: in organic agriculture exists the so-called precautionary approach which means avoiding the use of a dangerously suspected practice or a potential risk, even if it has not yet been validated by scientific evidence.

Cultivating and consuming organic food is for now the only choice that doesn’t damage both our health and the environment.

And regarding Probios this is the path we have chosen and the right direction!