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Preservatives in Bio - The Expert Answers

"Is it true that organic products are kept less than conventional ones and can deteriorate before the deadline?"

In the biological product many additives and preservatives are not allowed, while they are instead lawful in traditional products, but it is possible to use substances and food adjuvants only if of natural origin.
The specific treatments useful to stabilize the product in time blocking deterioration of physiological processes, are allowed only if they are based on physical principles, such as centrifugation and filtration.
Even the choice of ingredients used in the recipe, selected to ensure a good nutritional profile (for example, a low amount of fat or the use of sunflower oil rather than the palm oil) could make organic products more "vulnerable" and delicate if it undergoes critical elements such as sudden changes of temperature, storage in unsuitable places or packaging defects. These products are natural, so without any treatment which may affect the authenticity of the qualitative aspects and sensory.

This does not mean that the organic product is not safe and that its shelf life is not guaranteed. It means that the product presents closer shelf-life compared to the conventional product, but in any case it respects the terms under which the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics are guaranteed; the conditions of conservation and storage are thus fundamental to protect the bio product!

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