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Probios & Lenovys: Lean Organization

Probios ( ), leading company in Italy in the field of conscious nourishment, chose to face the challenge of establishing itself as a leader in its market for the ability to make product innovation and service. The company of Campi Bisenzio not only wants to be a trademark symbol of healthy eating and attention to the welfare of individuals, but also wants to be an example of a "lean" organization, efficient in processes and development of new products and therefore constantly oriented to increase the value offered to their customers. To embark on the path of excellence Probios chose to be accompanied by Lenovys ( ), a company point of reference in Europe in the projects of Lean Innovation ( ).

"The field of aware nourishment, which aims to bring maen to a greater attention to the food he takes in, is directly linked to the search for a better quality of life - says Luciano Attolico, Lean Master of Lenovys - Theme that year after year acquires more and more importance and acclaim given the links by now acclaimed between "industrial mass food" and a number of really disturbing pathologies. In such a context we are proud to accompany Probios in its walk, to help her in meeting and overcoming the strategic challenges that revolve around innovation. "

"Probios is pleased to undertake a process of organizational improvement along with Lenovys – says the company- This path will improve the company, that, thanks to this innovation, will be able to support with greater fluidity the needs of its customers and fulfill with greater speed and efficiency the requirements of many consumers. In a social context that is too often limited by twisted dynamics that cause wastefulness of time and resources, the choice to become an example of Lean Organization, makes us proud of a project that will totally satisfy the market demands. "