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Puffed or Extruded? The Expert Answers

I sometimes see on some products of Probios the woriding “extruded”, but is it the same thing as “puffed”? The rice cakes are made with puffed rice right?

There are technological procedures but mostly it is the shape of the cereal departure that is different, indeed in the puffed product, the starting raw material, rice, maize, spelled, barley etc. ... is in the form of whole grain cereal or at the limit of broken grain which is preheated to a temperature of 300-400 ° C, in autoclave with introduction of steam superheated to 250 ° C. The rapid reduction of pressure at the end of the procedure causes the swelling of the grains.

In the extruded product the starting raw material is instead the cereal flour. Extrusion is a technological process that includes a cylinder heated to a temperature of 100 -120 ° C and though mechanical energy and pressure within it, we have the cooking of the dough, which is then pushed through a die giving the final shape. A strong evaporation of moisture makes the product crumbly and dry like the Crispy of Rice & Rice.

For the Probios crackers we use whole grain cereal, except for the corn that is broken (otherwise the cake would be too tough); the corn is placed in molds at a temperature of 250-300 ° C and pressed at high pressure and for a few seconds (the time varies depending on the cereal used). Unlike the blowing, here there is no use of water vapor.

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