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The Story of Probios

The Story of PROBIOS

Dear Reader,
in this editorial I wanted to talk about Probios, also reflecting on the changes and renovations that we are living in this period both from a business point of view as seasonal.
Internally we take for granted that everyone knows our history, our path, our mission. But of course it is not like this. Indeed I'm sure I have many things to tell about Probios that are not known to our consumers and could instead capture their curiosity.
This belief comes from affection shown us by all our customers on several occasions.

Probios was born 36 years ago thanks to the passion of herbalist in Florence, Elvira Rigo, and a famous macrobiotic counselor, Ferro Ledvinka.
Ferro, returning from his studies in Japan, could not find the right products to prescribe his macrobiotic diets, as the Japanese groceries were almost absent in Europe and raising them was a real feat.
He decided together woth Elvira to create an organization that would have solved this problem by importing directly from Japan what they needed. And so Probios was born.

During the following years other Italian and also European products were added, in order to complete the offer and meet the demands of those who were faithful to their beliefs and biological salutariness.
On 1 January 1990, which now seems like an eternity of time ago, Rossella and I made our appearance in Probios, replacing the old owners and taking the reins of the company. We left our previous jobs and ventured into this new career path within the company.
Supported by the guidelines of our predecessors and conscious of the company image that we inherited, we began a process of renewal that continues today.
Probios is today one of the leading companies in the biological and in particular it is a reference to the European level for food for those who suffer from food intolerances.
In addition to this I would like to inform you of some details that actually represent our true strength and that you will be pleased to discover, namely, that:

• Probios is present in 48 different countries in the world;

• Probios is the only European company that has a branch of biology in Germany, the undisputed first organic market;

• 90% of the products we sell are branded Probios;

• 85% of our suppliers are Italian producers;

• 75% of raw materials used in the preparation of our products are grown in Italy;

• In 2013 Probios served in Italy about 4800 points of sale.

This is Probios: Italian excellence, not only in name but also in deeds, as shown by the data listed above.
Undoubtedly, we are proud of all that we have created, which was possible thanks to the trust you have placed in our products and our brand.
I especially thank you our customers and also consumers who follow us since then: you ought to be proud of the confidence that we have always granted.
Apparently nothing striking: "only" the result of a sincere relationship cultivated over the years and which make us all proud.

With love,
Fernando Favilli