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Our Suppliers: Borsa

what is the secret of the method borsakovsky?

In 1936, Gabriel Pasquier, opened his craft bakery in Les Cerqueux, in the region of Maine et Loire, in the west of France. Passionate about his work as a baker, he was able to convey the love of good bread to his descendants, so the Borsa company was founded and since 1949 produces the famous biological rusks, strong of a little secret enclosed in the preparation of their meal.
The Borsa company combines tradition and innovation, so that in 2007 Borsa inaugurated the new site for the production of rusks.

Beyond the choice of organic raw materials, Borsa has implemented a real revolution in the method of abrasion of flour, called "Borsakovsky." Starting from the concept that "nature has placed in cereal grains everything you need to guarantee the health of men" it is necessary, however, to preserve certain substances to find them again in the finished product.
Analyzing a section of the grain of wheat, it is noted that the most nutrients reside in a thin layer which is located in the peripheral part of the grain and in the germ (the inner part). This part is known as "protein layer".
During the normal processes of scrubbing flour you had a rupture and consequent cleavage of cereal grains. The difference in the method Borsakovsky, is that the cereal is not compressed toward the inside, in this way having eliminated the envelope, we are able to open the protein layer and the germ where minerals, vitamins and amino acids are enclosed. The flour used by Borsa makes these precious elements available to the human body by up to 98%.

The strengths of the brand products Borsa reside in the simplicity of the recipes combined with the high quality of the raw materials which are carefully selected by the staff of Borsa. The products are manufactured to meet the needs of consumers and the greatest market’s trends: the range has undergone a major change of ingredients in the last two years by eliminating the use of palm oils and replacing them with the finest sunflower oil, creating three recipes totally free of added sugars, and implementing throughout the supply fiber content and proteins naturally present in the ingredients used.
We present the full range of Borsa:

a crisp rusk with of integral taste, rich in fiber (8,5g / 100g) is slightly sweetened with brown sugar

produced without the addition of salt, therefore suitable for those who want to reduce the use of sodium (sodium 0.01 g / 100g), the recipe uses wholemeal flour and excludes the use of any type of sweetener.

delicious and crispy biscuits made with white flour and wheat germ, excellent source of fiber and valuable nutrients contained in the recipe.

recipe excludes the use of sweeteners, and is a rich source of fiber (10,5g / 100g) and protein (15,5g / 100g). Spelt is a very popular cereal as an alternative to traditional wheat.

Also in this recipe the use of sugar and wheat is excluded, and it is an excellent source of protein and fiber. For its widespread tolerance, kamut is much appreciated by those who exclude wheat from their diet.

delicious crunchy croutons, perfect as a snack to accompany fruit jam or cheese. Delicious in place of bread, they are produced with sunflower oil and are an excellent source of fiber.