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The Taste of Good Food

How spirituality make us better off.

The taste of the foods tells us about their qualities. A meal eaten in a hurry does not make us understand a lot about the foods we eat. But if we accustom ourselves to think and feel calm and pay attention to what we're chewing on, a series of worlds open up. Of which did not suspect the existence.
From the material and unaware point of view, we can perceive somewhat coarse flavors, and so we can also be satisfied with foods full of chemical additives, colorings and falsified indicators of taste. Without even realizing it. If we hurry and do not be much careful, basically something coarse and artifact is enough for us. We even get used to certain flavors, and even come to look for them.

But if we look for vitality in food, the nutrient and healthy elements, and these feelings we carry with us while we savor them slowly and carefully, we realize that the taste of certain additives is just weird, and that the flavor of something unnatural is foreign and is not at all satisfactory.
It has increasingly evident heaviness, metallicity, lack of roundness, of disharmony. And that well express the difference from a natural food. Each of us, if we train our taste, can eventually distinguish a good and healthy food from one who is not. And if you eat while you pay attention to the reactions, even subtle, of various parts of your body, of your stomach, skin, liver, stomach, muscles of the face and neck, nasal mucosa ... Of the aftertaste left in the your throat from the food that has passed through it ... you will also able to begin to understand better what foods are or are not healthy in general and for us in particular.
In short, the more aware we eat and taste, the more we will have internal indicators, which are added to the marking bio labels to understand if a food is good and natural or not.

The more we will exercise our conscience, the right to buy organic foods, read the labels very carefully, and in the fully exercise our taste, and we will be less victims of those who tend to fall asleep in the rush to
swallow food artifacts, often launched by huge advertising equipment and unsustainably low prices.
But if we really want to make the most of a good food, we can savor it in a more conscious way.

If we are eating a salad, let's take a moment to savor the flavor of it, thinking, with our mind and heart, about those who have worked to plant that salad, those who have followed it, waking up early in the morning and taking care of it, to all the water that has provided nourishment along with mother earth, to the sun that gave the heat necessary to remove the salad from the ground and make it grow ...
And with an open heart we thank one by one all those men and spirit beings who have given us this great food ... And we see what happens to the taste of the food in our mouth ...

If we eat a good organic bread or a biscuit, while we savor it let’s think of all the people and the human and spiritual beings who have helped to plant it, grow it, to pick it up, to knead it, to bake it, to package it and bring it up to us ... and with an open heart we thank all these friends to whom in the end we gave in exchange just a bit of money.

Let’s try, and we will feel in our mouth an explosion of flavors, a rainbow of colors and shades never felt before ... A fullness of taste never reached ...
Then we won’t eat good food only with our mouth and taste buds, but we will also savor the soul of the food with our soul.
And that food will be good for our body, our vitality and our spirit!
Why shouldn’t we try?

Fausto Carotenuto
President of Coscienze in Rete