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Welcome Spring!

Days get longer, the weather is warmer and flowers blossom, coloring and spreading their smell all over…spring is definitely in the air!

We all know, when the weather is nicer and the sun shines all day, our mood also improves. In fact, the occasions to spend time outside and escape from our routine increase, we have more chances to go out for a walk or to visit new places with our friends. Spring is also a great moment to charge our batteries, and starting again to practice some sport after the winter rest.

However, many people might suffer from the so called “spring aches”, and feel tiredness, insomnia and allergic reactions; small issues that are typical of any seasonal change. Small problems that can, partially, be solved with a correct diet and practicing sport.

Here are, then, some advice to make correct food choices during this time of the year. To face seasonal change better, and to get ready for summer, it is better to prefer light and nutritious food, like fruit and vegetables, that are high in vitamins, fibers, antioxidants and minerals. Pulses and seeds are also very important, since they’re high in nutrients that can provide our organism the energy to face a working day or physical activity.

At the same time, drinking a lot of water, smoothies and juices is a good starting point to provide our organism good nutrients: in stores, you can also find natural similar products, such as Probios’ organic fruit pulps, with no added sugars, that are available in many varieties in a practical pack, perfect on the go. Also, the six delicious Smoothies from Il Nutrimento, with different colors and flavors that are perfect for this season.

So, let’s just go outside and breathe the fresh spring air, that “gives energy to those who breathe it”, but also take some time to admire nature that comes back to life and offers its gifts!