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Brewer's Yeast: The Expert Anwers!

"Why is it not possible to use your yeast Easy to Go for cooking but just for raw? I've always used it instead of Parmesan cheese onr the lasagna and it creates a delicious crust!"

The advice to use the brewer's yeast flakes product, without undergoing heating or cooking, is to ensure that the vitamins of the B complex, of which yeast is a big source, are dispersed, as they are not all totally heat resistant.
Vitamin B5, for example, is heat-labile and also thiamine or vitamin B1 is largely lost during the cooking of food.
With the exception of vitamin B2, which is sensitive to light exposure.

The brewer's yeast in flakes is often used just for its content of vitamins:
indeed, many vegetarians consumers use the product to incorporate the vitamin B complex into their diet, but using the product to prepare dishes subjected to high temperatures, would reduce its nutritional value in vitamins.

However it isn't forbidden, but it's a suggest, so the product can be eaten even if it's cooked. The crust of the lasagna will be little vitaminic, but can still be tasty!

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