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The Young and The Organic

During my wanderings in various environments and outlets, where you speak or sell organic, I am pleased to note that the age of the curious, or sympathizers of consumers is increasingly lowering.
To see so many young people speaking with enthusiasm, passion and conviction of environment, clean energy, the fight against GMOs, organic food, vegetarian and vegan products, must fill with pride and joy all those who, like us, work with passion in this field since so long.
Now we do understand that our struggles and our sacrifices were all in all well placed.
Now it's easy to talk about biological but twenty or thirty years ago it was an argument to be visionaries.We all remember the difficulties we had to face, the endless complications to obtain raw materials, the few customers, won by breaking down the understandable walls of incredulity, the unattractive and difficult to sell products.
For the sake of record, I would also add that at the end of the month, each of us left very little in the pocket, but we have not given up.
Now we have the certainty of having helped to open a road that is helping to reverse a relentless consumerism that has brought nothing but barrenness of mind and social inequality.
I firmly believe that these young people will be the new pioneers of organic farming, as well as of ethics and respect for the environment. There are many and rapidly growing: we continue to help them and make them aware more and more through our example.
We will be sure that doing so they will fix our mistakes, which were many, and above all we will be sure to have left hands our planet Earth in good hands to those who will improve it and make it live again in new splendor.

Thanks guys, with love
Fernando Favilli