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Etrapak and Nickel: The Expert Answers!

"I'm allergic to nickel and milk and I would like to consume your vegetable rice drink which I think is the best, can you assure me that the cartons of tetra do not release nickel in drinks?"

I inform you that the nickel is not composed and is not used as a constituent of any of the materials that make up the tetra pack and even ink. So it is fair to say that it is not and is not deliberately added in the packaging material of vegetable drinks branded Probios.
In our desire for transparency I must tell you that as it is never possible to guarantee a level equal to zero we presume any traces of nickel (perhaps derived from the impurities of aluminum and paper). However, we are talking about small amounts: between 1 and 10 parts per million; and even in this remote case, however, the migration of nickel in this drink is absolutely excluded, because this is not in direct contact with aluminum, nor with paper, but protected by a plastic film that protects it from contamination.

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