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Quality Answer: Panettone and Christmas Cakes

Why do some panettone Probios are specifically called Panettone and others Christmas Cakes?

There is a specific law to protect some of the most famous dishes of traditional Italian desserts which provides that the designation of certain products including the "Panettone" is only granted to those products for which there are precisely defined, characteristics, composition and production system in accordance with the traditional recipe. For this type of product there are specified the obbligatory and optional ingredients and the manufacturing process.

The products that do not comply with these disposition can't use the reserved names but must be marketed under different names. Especially for the panettone the name is reserved for the sweet bakery product with a soft texture, of naturally leavened sourdough with a specific form that must contain: wheat flour, sugar, egg sof hen category "A" (ie eggs) or egg yolk, butter, raisins, candied citrus peel, salt. The legislation also sets out the minimum and maximum amounts for certain ingredients.

The recipes Probios based on spelt flour or gluten-free, as well as those without eggs and butter (or vegan), therefore do not meet the traditional recipe of Panettone and therefore are marketed under a different name. They are designed for those who want to try a new flavor or for those with specific dietary needs.
Thanks to their taste they can still brighten the Christmas party!

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